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ArtWork By  Mark Betcher
Heavy wood art that hangs on the wall
Outsider Art Links Mark Betcher
Man With The Robot Eye Painting Man With The Robot Eye Painting
Man With The Robot Eye
Robotic Implant
Fire Tube Monster
At The Beach
Circus Outsider Art Artist Clown Painting Jesus Give My Money Outsider Art Artist Wood Painting
Big Top Timmy
And His Side Show Animal Pal
American Kicks Ass Outsider Art Artist Painting
Art Villa Outsider Bunker System Artist
America Kicks Ass
911 Painting
Manic Mark Action Figure
At The Art Villa
Smite Rack Religious Art Outsider Artist
Business Happy As Hell Folk Art Painting
Smiting Smoting Art Box
Good & Evil Folk Art
Terrorism Outsider Art Artist Painting
Freedom Outsider Art Artist Painting Folk
Good Luck
Tiny UFO Landscape
A Fine Art Painting
Clown Painting Wood Uncle Grumpy Painting
Uncle Grumpy
Goes To The Farm
Screaming Owl Outsider Art Artist Painting Folk
Red Head Serial Killer Painting Outsider Art Artist
Rocket Drone Bird
Bird Or Prey
Red Head Serial Killer
Watch them closely
Blue Dog Folk Art Outsider Art Painting
Robot Cross
Get Religion
Warren Zevon
Tribute Painting
Tattoo Painting Outsider Art Artist Folk Hell Fire Vote Outsider Political Painting Folk
Get A Tattoo
Pro & Con & The Devil Made Me
Let's Vote 4 Hell Fire
Thoughtless folks who vote
Outsider Fireworks Cracker Painting Folk Atomic Bomb Outsider Art Artist Painting Folk
Squid Eater
Armless Eater Of Fish
A Bomb
The end of the world
Ed Wood Wall Box Art Outsider Painting Folk
Outsider Vote Art Painting

Ed Wood Wall Box
Interactive box with hinged door

Dog Evil
Gate Way To Hell
Alien Meat UFO Outsider Folk Art Painting Migranie Folk Art Outsider Artist Painting
Alien Meat
Experimenting on us...
A chronic illness
Tobacco Joe Outsider Art ARtist Folk
Business Hell Outsider Art Artist Folk Painting
Tobacco Joe
A real person
Business Hell
It will eat your soul
Commies Outsider Folk Art Artist
All His Critters Gospel Outsider Art Artist Painting
Ancient Astronaut
Early Man Was Too Stupid
Thinking With The Other Head Folk Art Outsider Painting Who's The Joke Outsider Painting Folk Art
Who's A Joke
Dog Brains Alien Painting Outsider Art Folk Artist Garden Of Eden Outsider Painting
Dog Brains
I got'em. You want'em
Empire Of Stupid People Outsider Painting Art Evil Boss Outsider Artist Painting
Empire Of Stupid People
Holocaust BAD? Duh...
Evil Boss #1
Pissofferisms Day At The Villa
Man With The Robot Eye Painting Women In Trouble Folk Art Outsider Painting
No Peace In Hell
Bruce Willis Can't Save The World
Missy Happypissdoff
The Good The Bad The Ugly